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23-Apr goes...
By Satya | 11:00 AM
This website has been revamped today (Sep 26, 2013) The idea of this website owner is to express views of self and listen the views about esteemed visitors...


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Think positively, Share, Contribute and Enrich...all the walks of humane life!

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Past Issue:    May 03, 2015

Thus Satya spoke: Little kids' innocence; children’s curiosity; youths’ passion & energy; elders' experience & wisdom – the brilliant integration of these 4 ingredients is key to sure-success of any "mission impossible"...!!!
Basically, launch of the portal indicates the web presence of an effort to talk, do, discuss, encourage, infuse the positivism in all walks of human life on this planet.

Seems to be strange....!

Yes...we indeed plan to achieve this and seek co-operation and contribution from each sincere visitor! And we are sure to achieve this.

.....Please spend a couple of more minutes to read continually....

Topics of interests...

...are mostly related to contemporary World / India, Education System, Music, Psychology & Philosophy, Chess, Cooking / Fine Dining

Guidence For Creating and Publishing Contents...

Positivity, humanity, utmost and unconditional respect and love towards Nature and her Creation including us - human beings.

Contents to ensure only positive and healthy vibes for the reader...

Contents (published diary and articles) will be thrown open for visitor to read and comments.

Guidence For Posting Comments by Readers...

Comments are most welcome so long as they impart constructive criticism and still are loaded with positivity are encouraged very much.

Comments containing bogus email ID, pseduonym or any other means of hiding the identity of commentator; comments using language having lack of positivity (e.g. vulgar and indecent contents) are discouraged and will be ignored by moderator (and will be consigned to dust bin!).

Readers' comments on the articles and diary enties will be published after moderation (please see the moderation criteria above).

Yes...we indeed plan to achieve this and seek co-operation and contribution from each sincere visitor! And we are sure to achieve this.

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01. Thought of Day

Optimism is the most important human trait, because it allows us to evolve our ideas, to improve our situation, and to hope for a better tomorrow.
    - Seth Godin
02. As me Thinketh

Well...I am stilling thinking and haven't reached to any logical conclusion worth divulging at this moment....
03. Humour Shots

Truth is the most valuable thing we have. Let us economize it.
    - Mark Twain
04. Brain Teasers

If three hens lay three eggs in three days, how many eggs does a (statistical) hen lay in one day?