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By Satya | 11:00 AM
This website has been revamped today (Sep 26, 2013) The idea of this website owner is to express views of self and listen the views about esteemed visitors...


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All About HIVMitra.com (Published On: Aug 22, 2015)

I am letting "Beta version of" HIV related portal - go live now... URL: http://www.hivmitra.com

In Hindi, the word "mitra" means "friend" - yes...this portal offers a social interaction/networking platform with many "friendly and innovative features".....:)

This portal, provides you a safe and secure platform - with following high level objectives...

  • A social networking platform, where people can interact, be-friend with each other, share their experiences, communicate, ask & respond to questions etc.
  • In context of traditional Indian society, users can find their matrimonial partners.
  • The portal wil offer you a plethora of information about HIV/AIDS - treatments, latest developments,
  • We intend to build a community of "not only just HIV impacted people" - but also...the people who have been into care giving roles to either HIV impacted persons OR to the people affected by any other illness.
  • Let this be a place where, we learn from each other, help to each other with the "lot of positive notes"

Some of the unique features, I would like to highlight are:

  • Very secure access and control to your data. You are the master of your profiles and personal data. And hence you control/grant/revoke access to other members.
  • We shall NOT allow this platform for any other purpose - except whatever is mentioned above
  • Going foward, we shall include the modules of disease management, treatment compliance, and much more (from healthcare and treatment point of view)
  • We have ensured that we talk to your directly as the esteeemed member of this portal.
  • Please feel free to "suggest a new feature you would like to see" AND "report any issue/error/software bug" - you find on any page to us - by simply click the appropriate links given on each footer page.
  • Apart from accepting anyone and everyone as the member of this portal, we have added the features where the doctors, volunteers and other care givers/health care providers - also can communicate to us and together we can see, how we can add the value to the life of HIV impacted community members.

In future...we intend to:

  • Create the localized and internationalized versions of this portal - if you think you can help in some OR the way, to make this portal more useful to everyone else, please talk to me in person (sending FB message OR via portal "contact us" etc).
  • Our dream is to reach as wider and as farer as possible to the people across the globe, irrespective of creed, colour, race, religion etc.
  • We will continuously mine the plethora of authentic information available on Internet by the reliable sources (e.g. different govt agencies portals, medical research agencies, other instituations like WHO etc.) - and keep adding external links to our pages -ve so that you always get the appropriate information/knowledge base at one place (this portal).

To ensure the safe and pleasant experience for our registered members, we have put following constraints:

  • All the contents added by the users (e.g. their "About me" text), will be reviewed by the moderators. We shall NOT allow "hate words", obscenity, humiliation toward any individual or group etc. And such contents will be removed and if a pattern emerges where we find specific account holders do such activities repeatedly, then their accounts will be disabled without a second thought.
  • Please do NOT share your contact details (cell numbers, email ids etc...) to anyone via this portal
  • We have templatized way to send a receive messages from the members in this portal.
  • Each registered member can create his/her photo album as a part of their overall user profile. However, we put a limit of max 10 profile photos at any point of time. Please do NOT compare this portal with any other social networking platforms - e.g. Facebook or Twitter etc....we are NOT either considering them as our role model OR trying to compete with them..:) We are unique, and we wish to cherish and love our "uniqueness"
  • Also, we shall be providing you the features, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy pre-defined, single click searches of users database, or the articles.

What is coming in future?:

  • We are in process of integrating Blogging System with this portal - so that registered members will be able to share their views/perspective/thoughts to others.
  • We look forward and invite you to share your experience / story for the benefit and good of others.
  • Finally, In next couple of weeks, we will be adding / updating many more small and big features. Please expect these updates many times in a day. However, be sure that your data, account info etc...is safe, secure and available all the time. I will be talking to you more and more about this portal, as we add more and more features - you may want to follow me either on Facebook or Twitter accounts, if you like...:) All the articles/update by me will be posted on my personal website http://www.spnigam.com and then linked/shared on Facebook and tweeted by me. For now, I am not planing to use my LinkedIn account for spreading the words, but who knows in future, I might think of doing it...so.

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(The sole purpose of this series of articles is - my humble and insignificant contribution in lot many areas of social good - for my country Bharat  and beyond." )

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