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By Satya | 11:00 AM
This website has been revamped today (Sep 26, 2013) The idea of this website owner is to express views of self and listen the views about esteemed visitors...


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     Today's Date: 18-08-2018   |  Issue 2 / Release Date May 10, 2015                              Dear Readers

Warm greetings from your webmaster...! Trust that you would have liked the inaugral issue of this newsletter. Our effort would be to keep more quality cotents to this newletter in each forth coming releases.

We are also working toward making this newsletter multi-lingual.

Also we are in process of roping some of thes friends as the guest contributors to this weekly newsletter.

As usual, I would like to receive and appreciate readers' views, comments etc - on the contents of this newsletter.

***Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'***
-- Erich Fromm
What is our Dharma?

Once upon a time, there was an old enlightened saint who was taking a bath in a river along with his disciple. While taking holy dips in the river thhe saint noticed a black scorpion struggling in the current from drowning and being flushed away.

Taking pity on the plight of poor venomous creature, the saint, gentleu lifted the bedraggled scorpion in his palm and started swimming toward the river bank.

As soon as the scorpion recovered from life threating situation and gather his senses, it promptly stung the saint on the palm.

Due to venoumous sting, the noble saint felt an unbearable, seething pain in his palm, but he did not drop the scorpion.

The saint's accompanying disciple, was noticing the entire situation but did not utter a single word to his beloved Guru.

The saint was about to reach the bank when the ungrateful scorpion stung him again. No his entire arm was under excruciately pain. And now the saint was somehow trying to manage to negotiating the remaining distance before he could reach out of the river and relase the Scorpion.

However, his beloved disciple could not take it any more and requested to his master - "Put him down" He can only sting you again though you are trying to save his life. Leave this creature to his fate. your kindness & pity is of no value to such a ungrateful creature.

But the compassionate saint ignored his disciple's request and continued walking towards river bank, still the scorpion resting on his palm.

He was almost at the bank when the scorpion stung him once again. The pain exploded into his entire body due to multiple stings. To his surprise, the disciple saw a blissful and compassionate smile on the face of his master as he struggled to come out of the river and put the scorpion on the river bank's sand and lo - the ungrateful creature crawled away as quickly as it could.

Oh honourable master, said the disciple after the saint could recollect himself. "How can you smile? That wretched creature nearly killed you."

"Yes you are right, my dear son," said the saint. "But the scorpion was only following his dharma (very nature), his nature. It is the dharma of a scorpion to sting, and it is the dharma of a saint to save other's life. He was following his dharma and I was following mine.."

Some amazing facts about India....

  • The Art of Navigation & Navigating was born in the river Sindh over 6000 years ago. The very word Navigation is derived from the Sanskrit word 'NAVGATIH'. The word navy is also derived from the Sanskrit word 'Nou'.

  • The value of "pi" was first calculated by the Indian Mathematician Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem. He discovered this in the 6th century, long before the European mathematicians.

  • Sushruta is regarded as the Father of Surgery. Over2600 years ago Sushrata & his team conducted complicated surgeries like cataract, artificial limbs, cesarean sections, fractures, urinary stones, plastic surgery and brain surgeries.

  • Martial Arts were first created in India, and later spread to Asia by Buddhist missionaries.

  • Yoga has its origins in India and has existed for over 5,000 years.

Sunset at Goa beach

Wonderful and touching composition sung by late Pt Bhimsen Joshi:

Late one night a psychiatrist found himself staring into the muzzle of a large pistol.

He was shocked to recognize the gunman who was holding him up. "See here, Nasrudin,"

He said. "Don't you remember me? I am your benefactor. Don't you remember the time I saved you from the electric chair by proving you were crazy?"

Mulla Nasrudin laughed and laughed and laughed. "SURE I REMEMBER YOU, SIR. BUT, AIN'T ROBBING YOUR BENEFACTOR A CRAZY THING TO DO?"

Platter from Middle East - containing warm pita bread wedges with dip (baba ghanoush - بابا غنوج) and garnishing

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