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By Satya | 11:00 AM
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Three important areas to be taken care with absolute & utmost priority by Indian Govt. - Part 2            (Published On: Dex 31, 2014)


Excellent Education for All : Purpose, Motives, and Characteristics

गुरूर ब्रह्मा, गुरूर विष्णु, गुरूर देवो महेश्वरा:|
गुरूर साक्षात परब्रह्मा, तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः||

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara
Guru Sakshath Parambrahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha

The teacher is creator Brahma; he is preserver Vishnu; he is also the destroyer Siva and he is the source of the Absolute. I offer all my efforts to that great teacher.

   The objectives of our education system should be "holistic" and "inclusive". Inclusive of what? Self, family, Society, surroundings, eco-system individual is part of, Nature.

Purpose of education proposed for Indian society

  • NOT to just find the solution of a given problem BUT art of finding solution
  • Train the individual to be a critical / lateral thinker (Alas! Most of our teachers themselves have stopped thinking even "conventional way"!!)
  • Transforming a pupil into a responsible, cultured, person-of-good-character.
  • Not just the transference of data (facts) from teacher to student – but “making student knowledgeable, creative and visionary”

An educated (even up to junior school) person should demonstrate that he/she is a ""person of character"! If an educated person is NOT a man/woman of character then its shame on the Education System/who imparted the education to the person concerned.

When a student is promoted from standard X to XI - not only she/he knows more (better) physics or Hindi - but spending an year in Standard X and passing it also asserts that she/he has also evolved and matured emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, and socially.

A senior student must be more matured (evolved / grown-up) in all walks of life than her/his junior counterparts.

Someone said that education system should be such - "that the worst punishment for child should be to debarring her/him from a day's attendance of her/his beloved school"...!!! Best brains in all the subjects available in the country should be employed and deployed as the "faculty members" right from pre-school education to University degree courses,

People should feel proud of being a teacher - as compared to any other profession. And this superiority of profession should reflect in all the aspects including monitory benefits. Yes...I mean it. The Best paid job in the country MUST BE those of educators.

Education is NOT just a process of "delivery of theory/sermons by teachers" - but also a perfect blend of "theory and practice". The education, which has no helpful role to play in the life and profession of an individual, is not worth being education at all.

Applied Sciences and Technology - curriculum MUST BE UPDATED in every 5 year at most. Let our student study the "current trends in sciences" and NOT "history of sciences"....LOL. A glaring example: Way back in 1980's, as a student of Electronics Engineering, we (including me!) were being taught about how vacuum tube based electronic devices used to work - whereas in the then contemporary technological world VLSI chips (microprocessors and micro-controllers) based systems were already in production and use?

For all the subjects in applied sciences (e.g. Digital Circuits, or C++ Programming, or Preventive Medicine, or Cognitive Psychology et al), the course should be co-thought by a panel of two teachers - one of them is an academician par excellence whereas the other guy comes with a long field experience (e.g. from Industry) - and therefore the students receive "best of theory and practice" in each subject during their education.

Up to 10th Standard - the curriculum must contain 1> Vocational courses (e.g origami or pottery) 2> Performing Arts (e.g. theatre, dances) 3> Soft Skills Building 4> Yoga & Meditation 5> Comparative Studies of World Culture 6> At least 4 different hobbies and interests 7> Physical Activities (Games and Sports)

These 7 mandatory areas of education should be appropriately and uniformly distributed across the 10 years of education. Moreover, all the training and achievements in above mentioned areas, must be formally recognized by the school / education board authorities - by issuing a certificate to the students.

Also before the end of senior secondary schooling (Standard 12th), our passing out students should be able to demonstrate that they are responsible citizens, friends, family members, and human being par excellence.

As far as state and central boards of education (in Indian context) is concerned, we see the differences in the course contents in the same subject. Except the local language and history and geography of the state concerned (at junior school level) - all the other subjects and their curriculum MUST BE IDENTICAL across all the state and central board of education.

The teachers must possess and be trained to demonstrate excellent "communication skills", "presentation skills" while delivering their lectures.

The curriculum designers as well as teachers should have in-depth understanding of how teaching can be effective.

The teaching should not be just “lecturing” i.e one-way-communication (where teacher speaks and student listens) – but 90% interactive sessions. In the lectures, the students should be stimulated and motivated to come up with queries and demonstrate inquisitiveness about the topic-of-the-lecture. And the when the problem-statement is established, the teacher would spend the assigned period to answer the students’ queries!

Investments in classroom technology is utterly wastage of money. No sincere and un-biased research has proven that fancy pedagogical gadgets e.g. electronic whiteboards and tablets/laptops for each student - have any tangible effect on student’s performance, achievements and learning. Therefore better to invest money and other resources on the quality improvement of teachers and curriculum development.

Divide a calendar year into two semester (Jan-June) and (July-Dec). For each semester, first 4 months should be of teaching, 5th month for preparation leaves examinations/evaluation and results). The 6th month of each semester (i.e. June and Dec) must be a holiday period - when students either takes a break from the books and invest their time in learning new skills, or simply having funs, learning new hobbies, re-energizing themselves for upcoming semester. Teachers also need break to replenish themselves.

My personal convictions are that to deliver a single lecture on any subject, we need more than one person (a lecturer or professor and a couple of teaching assistants) on the dais/podium. How and why? Well it’s a matter of 1:1 discussion and interaction with me, should some of the reader be interested in "why" of what I am saying!

(Read Part 1)

(...Part 3 of this serial article will be coming...soon....)

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