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18-Aug goes...
By Satya | 11:00 AM
This website has been revamped today (Sep 26, 2013) The idea of this website owner is to express views of self and listen the views about esteemed visitors...


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Three important areas to be taken care with absolute & utmost priority by Indian Govt. - Part I            (Published On: Dex 28, 2014)


Very Affordable & Relevant Education for All

Whenever I would use the word "We" - it will by default inclusive of me (author/sole content owner on this website); you (as a responsible reader); our society in general and Bharat's government establishment in particular".

I would like to compartmentalize the need & quantum for education for Indian society in following three buckets.

  • Minimal mandatory educational - should be free or at very nominal prices - to every citizen - as one of our "fundamental right" guaranteed by the constitution of Republic of India"

  • Vocational training on at least 100+ different skills - of highest possible quality - at some moderate price. (If someone is interested, I can provide you the list of 100 important vocational skills, we will always need as a healthy, prosperous and evolving society!)

  • Higher (University) / Advanced / Professional degrees and diplomas - in various disciplines including but not limited too - pure & applied sciences, social sciences, engineering, medicine, management, performing arts, fine arts etc. Only the deserving candidates (academically, intellectually, possessing the pre-requisite skills and ability for such course!)
What should be the objectives for our government?

  • Quality Secondary education - with reasonably affordable price to all - who would solely dependent on education - for their livelihood in future

  • For those who are already in some kind of family based/tradition work and/or business e.g. a farmer's son having 2 acre of farming land Or a son of the owner of small auto repair garage et al - for such citizens, we should do all the needful to ensure that they receive rigorous vocational training of 1-2 years the field of their interest and future vocation.
  • The above proposed vocational training program would not be less than in any way - either by quality or quantity - from the course wares offered at the best of the forums, training schools, universities world-wide? What prevents us to even create a process-driven teaching frameworks for such vocational training wares???

  • The most important point we need to remember is that we would always be talking about best possible edu-ware for these skill-based vocations!

(Read Part 2)

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Cathy said at 2017-01-20 17:17:19  From

Dude, right on there brethor. [url=]pnhkovw[/url] [link=]xoxohcmcou[/link]

Maverick said at 2017-01-20 10:08:42  From

This is a neat <a href="">suraymm.</a> Thanks for sharing!

Grizzly said at 2017-01-19 06:56:25  From

Great post, VS! Thanks for reebnmerimg that July 14th, and especially this one, is something bigger than Bastille Day.My dog, Buddy, who considers himself a lucky ex-hobo, also did a centennial shout-out to Woody on his blog (see above link). Please take a look if you have a minute.

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